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Tangents and Coroutines 4-19-19

We took a bit of a break for personal reasons, but we're back with a brand new episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast! Not only do we touch on our own projects, but a big anniversary in the video game industry. Happy 30th Birthday GameBoy!

Cubicorn DevCast 3-21-19

Just a short little update for you all about what's going on with us, as well as a few changes to the content we output. No need to be alarmed, we're not going anywhere!

Look at the Time 2-27-19

The gang's all here, in person! There's more space to talk about, legends to apex, and Tetris pieces to drop. Add that to our general nonsense and a big transition at a major gaming company, and you've got quite the episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast!

Goombas Are For Lovers 2-14-19

Topics get way out of hand much faster than normal on this episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast. Join Lorraine as she tries rein in the conversation back to the late breaking Nintendo Direct, as well as some other games we've been playing. When did this become an anime podcast...?

Kingdom Hearts VS Everybody

Unlike certain companies, the Cubicorn Games Podcast doesn't take decades to produce a new installment. While we're still deep in Destiny 2, we've been playing some new games too, and also watching some new shows. Make sure to ground yourself before experiencing all the nonsense we have in store!

So on, and so Forge 1-16-19

Empty that Vault and load up your Sparrow, because it's time to appraise some engrams! So long as we have nonsense to talk about, neither the cold nor the Darkness can keep the Cubicorn Games Podcast down. The Tower's been a changing, but that isn't the only thing that's been on our radar. Maybe you recall, but Smash Ultimate came out, and we're finally going to talk about it!