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Analyzing Activision's Antagonistic Acquisition 1-19-22

We head to the news desk to record a spur of the moment episode about Microsoft's surprise purchase of Activision, what a bad idea that is, and how it might shape the future of games for years to come.

Out With the Old, In With 2022 12-31-21

As another complicated year comes to a close, join us for a brief discussion on the year that was, projects we got done in 2021, and things we hope to achieve in the year to come.

The Good, the Bad and the Bungie 12-13-21

With another series of upsetting revelations about the game industry, join us as we talk about the toxic work environment at Bungie, some ways to support workers in the game industry, and the mixed bag that is the Destiny 2 30th anniversary update.

You Say Kingo, I Say Goodbye 11-15-21

With new Marvel shows and movies coming at an unprecedented pace, join us as we discuss our mixed feelings on the Eternals, our largely positive thoughts on Shang Chi, and some growing trepidation for the future of the MCU.  

To Everything Turn, Turn (and Burn) 10-26-21

In this episode we get together to discuss brief impressions of Dune, looking for new homes, securing new jobs, sequence breaking Metroid Dread, rat physics, hitting major work milestones, and the slow, fulfilling journey of making video content on the internet.

Sitting Down and Catching Up 10-8-21

After a bit of an unintended hiatus, we sit down to talk about various things we've been working on, and lay out some light plans for the near future.