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Sitting Down and Catching Up 10-8-21

After a bit of an unintended hiatus, we sit down to talk about various things we've been working on, and lay out some light plans for the near future. 

Road to The Witch Queen Part 2 - 8-31-21

On our second episode on the future of Destiny 2, we talk about weapon balance changes, the launch of Season of the Lost, and all the cool stuff coming to the game next February with the launch of the Witch Queen! 

Road to The Witch Queen Part 1 - 8-17-21

On the first in a two part series on the future of Destiny 2, we get together online to talk about subclass changes and armor updates coming as we build toward a big reveal in a few short weeks.

Summer Shareholders Meeting 7-22-21

On a short impromptu episode, we get together for a small face to face meeting and discuss things that we've been up to recently, and all the stuff we plan to get done in the next few months.

The Orange Star Spangled Banner 6-8-21

On a surprisingly video game focused episode, we talk about various announcements from E3 2021, share some small steps back into life on the outside, and manage our expectations in a world still very much in flux.

To High Five is to Feel Alive 6-8-21

As things slowly get a bit more normal in America, we finally get together in person to discuss the knifes edge that is the US economy, theme park experiences of the past and future, the anxiety of going outside and doing things sometimes, and the simple joy of basic human contact.