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Commandeering the Pyramid Ships 5-16-2020

The Almighty is falling, but that's hardly on our minds right now. Big changes to the perpetuity of all gear is looming much more sinisterly on the horizon, and we're going to talk about it!

Yeah, We're Still Here 4-18-20

It's been, just, *sigh*. Everything is on its head, nothing is guaranteed or makes sense anymore, but we're still here. We've got some friends together to talk about our personal mindsets, life, and a bit of upcoming Destiny nonsense. We're doing what we can to hang in there, and we hope you do to.

TWaB's It To Ya? 2-29-20

A new season of Destiny 2 is only a couple of weeks away, and we're getting more and more information about it every few days. However, some of that news is more unsettling than a crusty old solar warlock yelling at some Mars bound AI. Join us for some opinions on what's about to befall us Guardians when the Season of Dawn ends.

VacationCast 2-14-20

The Cubicorn team took to the skies and went on a little vacation to Florida last week, and we're here to talk about it! There were many theme parks visited, rides experienced, and food eaten on our trip, and each and every one of them will be discussed! Well... almost all of them.

Rise of Skywalker Spoilercast

Welp, the conclusion of this decades long franchise is upon us apparently, and we're going to talk about it! We'll leave no stone unturned, so if you haven't seen the movie yet: SPOILER WARNINGS!

Tis' the Season to be Dawning

The Cubicorn Games Podcast is back! We've got more discussions on the latest Destiny 2 expansion, an outline of what's likely to come out of us in this feed in the immediate future, and some ruminations on the relative hairiness of our illustrious podcast companions.