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Hats Don't Have Bones 11-16-17

Do you or a loved one suffer from chronic mild to severe BotW relapses? This episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast is here to help treat you. Side effects may include: Pokemon induced headaches, MORE Mario Odyssey gushing, questioning prices of games, and close proximity to Metroids. Tune in for your scheduled dose of video game nonsense.

We Have a T-Rex 11-1-17

Super Mario Odyssey is here, did you know that? We've got some preliminary opinions on this latest Nintendo juggernaut, as well as some other video games, and a few movies too!

This is Halloween? 10-19-17

It's that spooky time of year again, and what better way to celebrate the season than talking about video games, Star Wars, and super volcanoes. Come for the candy corn and cider, but stay for the rants about games, movies and more!

Pokemon Gold Is Great 10-4-17

The air may be thin, and the new just keeps getting worse, but we've still got some video games to talk about! If nothing else, remember these things as true: Metroid is cool again, Star Fox exists, and Pokemon Gold is a great game!

Bork the Moon 9-21-17

We're at it again for another episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast! Buckle in for some 100% accurate explanations of systems in Destiny 2, one or two trips into the Life Stream, and some reminiscing back to the days of lighthearted harmless computer-based pranks.

The Wheel of Loot and Raids

Not only is Rollercoaster Tycoon good for simulating the trials and tribulations running your own theme park, but it is also a platform to create some truly beautiful art. However, this is not all this episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast has in store! We do some diving into random Pokemon nonsense, and take our first steps into the beast that is Destiny 2.