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The Way, It Is 12-26-20

We here are the Cubicorn Games Podcast are all Star Wars fans of varying degrees around here, and we've got some opinions on the second season (and by extension the first) of The Mandelorian. There are spoilers ahead, so beware!

An Old Friend is Here 11-30-20

Beyond Light has been out for a few weeks, and we're going to talk about it on this brand new episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast! We've dug pretty deep into some of Europa's many dark secrets, and we want to share our thoughts about what we've learned!

Politicast 2020 11-10-20

Some of the dust has settled after the year of a week we've had. This episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast is about our thoughts and feelings about one of the most prevalent factors that has shaped 2020, and how we're dealing with what needs to be done after it. Light stuff, I know.

Light is in Sight 10-26-20

Some major patch notes were dropped for the latest expansion of Destiny, Beyond Light, and we got the gang together to talk about them on this brand new episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast! Lots of numbers got tweaked, though not as many as some hoped, but who can say what will happen in a few weeks.

FatherXFiguresXOnly 10-6-20

It's what you've all been waiting for (maybe)! This time on the Cubicorn Games Podcast it's all HunterXHunter... or at least all of HunterXHunter up through Greed Island! We've got some special guests with us to just chat about our feelings and the show as Dustin undertakes this anime journey.

It's Up to Us 9-22-20

The world's still turning as we bring you this new episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast. We touch on the state of things, both on a more general level as well as a personal one, talk about the new information that's come out regarding the new consoles, as well as stuff we've been watching.