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So on, and so Forge 1-16-19

Empty that Vault and load up your Sparrow, because it's time to appraise some engrams! So long as we have nonsense to talk about, neither the cold nor the Darkness can keep the Cubicorn Games Podcast down. The Tower's been a changing, but that isn't the only thing that's been on our radar. Maybe you recall, but Smash Ultimate came out, and we're finally going to talk about it!

Forward Facing Nonsense 1-3-19

Happy New Year! The holidays are finally behind us, and now it's time for a brand new episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast! We do some speculation as to what this brand new year has in store for us, as well as what's going on with us in the months to come!

Bad Pokemon Takes 12-13-18

We're back at it with this brand new episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast! After being ravaged by a seasonal sickness, there's a little catch up we have to do since, both in Pokemon Let's Go and in real life. On top of that there's more space to explore and card games to play!

Cubicorn Centennial 11-23-18

We've done it! 100 episodes of the Cubicorn Games Podcast! Join us for a bit of a retrospective as we look back on where we (and the gaming world) were all the way back in 2014 when we started this party!

Sonic Didn't Die For This 11-7-18

We've got some special guests on this brand new episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast! Art is hard, and even though working a con can really drain you, so we go all over the place while we talk about games, creativity, representation, and much more!

Star Fox is a Way of Life 10-25-18

Space is a big place, but we're going to try and see all of it on this episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast! There's a new Guardian on the field, and weirdly enough they're piloting an Arwing. We've also got some new Pokemon things on the horizon, and some looming Smash Ultimate leaks that may or may not be true...