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To High Five is to Feel Alive 6-8-21

As things slowly get a bit more normal in America, we finally get together in person to discuss the knifes edge that is the US economy, theme park experiences of the past and future, the anxiety of going outside and doing things sometimes, and the simple joy of basic human contact.

Season of the IRS 5-18-21

As we cap off tax season for 2021, join us as we discuss some of the great content that's come to Destiny 2 in the last few months, sympathize with employees at the IRS, empathize with employees at Bungie, and malign game design choices that needlessly manipulate players for monetization and playtime metrics.

Captain Falcon & The White Wolf 4-27-21

With another Marvel series coming to a close, we sit down to discuss the character broadening highs, corporate instigated lows, and extremely referential middles of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.  

Melancholy and the Infinite Bad Mess 4-13-21

In a freewheeling contemplative episode, we discuss our sadness over the recent legislative action taken against the trans community, our sadness over the state of access to  mental health care in America, our sadness with the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic and life beyond it. Finally, we rebound into the intense good vibes of sharing thing you create that bring a little bit of joy to others.

The Snide-er Cut 3-30-21

We're back from a short break, so join us as we discuss highs, lows and many in-betweens of Justice League 1.5 slightly more betterer edition.

The Gun Also Rises 3-2-21

We're a few weeks into a new season, and a few days into a big announcement on the future Destiny 2, so join us as we discuss the latest roadmap for magic and guns in space.