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Cardboard Collectathon 1-18-18

We survived the meteor strike, and are here to welcome to the first episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast of 2018! We've got a brand new guest, some hot breaking Nintendo News, and deep dives into our psychological preferences in gaming.

All I Want For Christmas Is Todd

We had to kick some weirdos out of the studio, but here we are with the last Cubicorn Games Podcast for the year! Things are a little different this time around as we've got a special guest joining us, a friend of the podcast Todd! There might not be many games discussed, but Todd's got all kinds of neat and interesting information from his time living and working in Japan! Happy New Year from all of us at Cubicorn Games, and we will see you in 2018 for more nonsense!

Super Spoilers-cast! Star Wars The Last Jedi 12-20-17

If you don't want major parts of Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi spoiled, TURN AROUND NOW! If you've already seen it, come join us as we talk about what we liked, didn't like, and felt indifferent about in this latest installment of the Star Wars series!

Just DOOM 2018 12-14-17

Two great tastes that go great together! Broadcasting from our snowed in bunker, the newest episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast is here! Grab a cup of cocoa and get ready for some hot takes on all things Pokemon, some revived id Software Properties, and the freshest of word play!

Coming Soon to Cassette Tape

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we've reemerged from a weekend of food and savings to serve up a brand new episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast. We're not going to let the man or a few technical difficulties get in our way when it comes to talking about video games, TV, and the subtle joys of compact discs.

Hats Don't Have Bones 11-16-17

Do you or a loved one suffer from chronic mild to severe BotW relapses? This episode of the Cubicorn Games Podcast is here to help treat you. Side effects may include: Pokemon induced headaches, MORE Mario Odyssey gushing, questioning prices of games, and close proximity to Metroids. Tune in for your scheduled dose of video game nonsense.