Cubicorn Games LLC
Based in Metro Detroit, Michigan

Release date:
Spring 2016

Wii U
Playstation 4


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Marta, the world's smallest snake plumber, is on a mission to clean out the drains in a flooded town. Swimming her way through the half-sentient goop, Marta's job is to clear the blockage, retrieve any lost items, and make it through the maze of pipes in one piece!


The rough idea for Down the Drain was conceived off of a comment of a friend made during the development of another smaller project we were working on. After that project had concluded, the idea started to get more fleshed out more, and a "proof of concept" build was made. Once that was created and the game began to get developed for real, Down the Drain began to evolve from the initial idea, beginning to turn more into an actual game. After a few months of development, Down the Drain was shown off to the public for the first time at Maker Faire Detroit 2014. Since then, the game has grown and developed even more, becoming deeper and more complex.


  • Psuedo-random level generation that gives a unique map with each replay.
  • Hand drawn, cartoon style animation.
  • Alternate weapons that add to the ways to take on enemies.


Gameplay YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "The maps are ever maze like giving (rewards to) those that explore with unique power ups and items."
    - Alex Russ, Gamer Assault Weekly

Steam Greenlight
Down the Drain's Greenlight page steamcommunity.com.

About Cubicorn Games LLC

Cubicorn Games is a small indie studio located in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan. Our main goals are to make the games that we want to play, and to build the indie developer community in this region of the country.

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Down the Drain Credits

Lorraine Ferraiuolo
Lead Programmer/Artist

Dustin Morabito
Lead Audio, Programmer

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks