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Cucumber is the greatest aardvark superhero of all time, and when 7 enemies begin to erect mysterious towers, it's up to him to fight his way through each of them and get to the bottom of the larger plan they are a part of. Super Cucumber is a 2D action platformer focused on simple satisfying core movement abilities, and a gradually but steadily increasing difficulty curve as the game progresses from level to level. The game will feature 7 unique towers, each of which containing a series of levels that will have their own unique challenges as the game progresses. With fun engaging gameplay, a classic console platformer look and feel, and fun lighthearted characters, Super Cucumber is a game that just about anyone can enjoy.



Super Cucumber sprung from our shared love of classic 2D platformers from the 16 bit console era. Over time the game has evolved into a speedrun friendly adventure filled with devious jumping puzzles, generous checkpoints and a few secrets along the way...

Ongoing Development

Super Cucumber was put into a soft hiatus in early 2019 to focus on completing and reelasing our other game, Down the Drain. Production on Super Cucumber has resumed in 2022, with an estimated release window of early to mid 2023.


  • Seven unique towers, each with their own set of levels, enemies, and boss that sets them apart from the rest.
  • Tight game play reminiscence of 2D platformers of the past.
  • Want to throw and ride on a fireball? You can do that here.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Maker of Merit Award" Maker Faire Detroit: July 2015

Selected Articles

  • " The game was so simple to play, but had enough challenge to keep you going. If you’re a fan or Rocket Knight, or even Megaman it’s definitely worth checking out and keeping an eye on."
    - Alex Russ, Gamer Assault Weekly

Steam Greenlight
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About Cubicorn Games LLC

Cubicorn Games is a small indie studio located in Metro Detroit Michigan. We want to make small fun games and help build the growing indie developer community in the Midwestern US.

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Super Cucumber Credits

Dustin Morabito
Lead Programmer/Audio, Level Designer

Lorraine Morabito
Lead Artist, Level Designer

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