Cubicorn Games

Fresh Progress and New Projects!

by Dustin on November 15th, 2021

Hello everyone! This year has managed to feet even more temporally unstable here are Cubicorn headquarters than 2020 did. Parts of it have flown by, a few points have felt sluggish as hell, and things are somehow more stable yet still as unsettled as they’ve been in recent memory.

That mental time dilatation is at least part of why I always fall behind on providing consistent updates, but I assure you we’ve been working on lots of stuff behind the scenes. Let’s go over some of them now!

First of all, we’ve come a long way toward finally launching a damn video game. Down the Drain is nearly feature complete, and will release in 2022 if it takes the last breath from my lungs to puff it out into being. Super Cucumber has been on soft hiatus for a bit, bit we are going to get right back into it once we get DtD out the door on PC.

But that’s not all we’ve been up to! I’ve done something I’ve wanted to try for the last few years and finally started a YouTube channel. We’ve obviously got one of those already, but that channel is dedicated to info on our game projects and archives of development and long play live streams. This new one is more of a solo project for me, and will eventual feature video essays on games, movies history, and anything else that I feel strongly enough about to take a deep dive on. There are a couple of things I’ve worked really hard on going up there soon, so if you want a look at one of the many things I’ve been up to recently, go check it out.

Finally, we are extremely early in working on a tabletop game project that should look very familiar to anyone who remembers some of our live streaming activity around 2016. It’s yet another thing I’ve worked on in little burst for years, and I’m hopeful we’ll eventually make it a reality. I can at least promise that when we have more to say on that, there will be a huge update on this very website covering all the major details. If you like weird old card games but hate booster packs, stay tuned for eventual news!

That about sums up all of our major updates for the moment. 2021 has felt like a year where we’ve accomplished a ton while still not quite crossing the finish line on most of our major projects. Your patience with us has been invaluable as we soldier on through day jobs and personal issue and the unrelenting waves of highly transmissible disease.

There are no words sufficient to describe how valuable all the support we’ve ever gotten has been to us. Until next time, thank you some much for sharing your limited time and attention, and we’ll hopefully have more exciting updates in the very near future.

Charity Stream This Weekend!

by Dustin on October 16th, 2020

Hey out there in internet land. This year has been crazy for all of us. It's been filled with pain and loss across the spectrum of human experience. I don't think anyone has been spared from at least some level of mental distress this year, so we want to take a moment to try and give a little back to help some of us who are in need.

On Saturday, October 17th (tomorrow as of this posting) we'll be running a charity livestream from 12PM-8PM EST in support of the National Eating Disorders Association. We will always support anyone living with any mental health disorder, but in these trying times more people than ever are struggling with some sort of mental health issue.

If you want to just hang out and be silly with us, We'll be drawing stuff, playing Rock Band (with Real Drums!) and doing a few other fun things throughout the day. If you're feeling charitable, or just need to chill with some well meaning nerds, check out the campaign, and we'll see you tomorrow!

Site Migration, and Quarantine Update

by Dustin on May 21st, 2020

So, things have been pretty crazy in the world recently. Everything seems like it has been on fire for months, and most of us around the world now find ourselves affected in one way or another by the pandemic that has touched much of the globe.

It has been hard to do anythign productive during times like these, but we are still doing our best to eventually release some video games, and to keep the lights on around here generally.

In that vein, we have just recently switched hosting providers for this little website here, and I am writing this post partially just to test things out and make sure out migration has gone smoothly. Hopefully you can read this, which would indicate that everything has been moved over succcessfully and is working correctly!

We will have more updates in the future, so until then, stay safe, and hang in there as we collectively try to keep the earth from flinging all of us off into the unimaginable emptyness of space.

Itch.Io Beta, and Maker Faire Detroit

by Dustin on July 27th, 2019

Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since our last site update again (but at least less than multiple years this time). In any case, I write before you, slumped over my keyboard in a tired but satisfied stupor, to announce that you can play one of our games for yourself this very moment.

We have been working hard toward the release of Down the Drain, and we have a beta build up on Itch.Io that you can download right here. It’s pretty short at the moment, filled with bugs to squash and things to tweak, but it is finally a representation of the game we intend to release in the (hopefully) very near future.

We are not currently charging for the game in the Itch store at the moment, and while that will likely change in the future, we wanted to give an opportunity for anyone who’s interested to check out what we’ve been working on as we try to take this thing across the finish line. Once the final game is released, we’ll keep it on Itch under the same listing we’re using for this beta, meaning you can lock in a free copy on that platform right now if you download it while we’re still working on things. Hopefully that will take some of the sting off of just how long it has taken us to get our games done and out into the world.

We’ll have a much larger update next week to fill you in on our plans in the next few weeks and months. This will likely be in the form of a Podcast and corresponding Kickstarter update, since we’ve severely lagged behind keeping those folks in the loop as time has rolled on since we started these projects.

Anyway, that’s basically all for now. We’ll be at Maker Faire Detroit this weekend showing off this beta build of Down the Drain in person, and getting lots of opinions on the ground. We will be in the Museum, but there will also be a bunch of other local game devs in the Locally Sourced tent at the Faire outside, so if you’re at the show, make sure you head out there and show them some love as well.

Thanks as always for being so patient. We’ll do our best to be less radio silent in the future, and to deliver the best games that Lorraine and I can possibly make.

Wow... an update!

by Dustin on March 22nd, 2019

Hey friends! So it's been a minute since we've done one of these, so first and foremost, apologizes.

During this accidental lapse in communication, Dustin and I have kept on trucking doing what we can to further development of our two titles, Down the Drain and Super Cucumber, as well as dealing with all the curve balls life has been so gracious to throw our way.

If you listened to the latest mini podcast or caught the most recent stream, you're aware that we're making a few changes to the content we are putting out. Mainly shifting our focus over to showcasing our development process as well as our own products. This doesn't mean that we're going to abandon what we've been doing up until now, as I'm sure we'll talk about video games and stream random things from time to time, but we wanted to try out some different things.

We want to finish our games. Like, release them for real at last, and this is one more way we decided to share that process with you. We'll also try to be better about posting more updates here in the future as well.

Thanks for putting up with all of our nonsense, and we hope to continue to entertain and inform you!

We’ve Been Greenlit!

by Lorraine on August 9th, 2016

Before we address the aforementioned title of this post, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who stopped by our Maker Faire booth two weekends ago (better late than never right?), and a HUGE shout out to our “interns”, Aundria and Alexandra for helping us out again this year. By Sunday evening, we were both pretty burnt out, and it was really great to have a few extra hands over the three days, so again thank you!

Now for our special announcement! Super Cucumber has been officially Greenlit on Steam! More thank yous to everyone who supported it over its two years in the program, and I can only hope to see Down the Drain reach that status soon too!

We do have some post-Maker Faire bug fixes and tweaks to make, but we do plan on getting another build of both games out at some point in the near future, so keep an eye out for that! Stay tuned to any of our online outlets (Facebook, website, Twitter, blah blah you know the drill) for all your Cubicorn games news, and while this year has been a little light on regular podcasts, we have been streaming almost every week on our Twitch account, with the archives being posted to YouTube. So if you can’t get enough of us, come on by and hang out as we play video games!