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DBZ TCGCast I'll Dig Your Grave 1-9-17

We come to you all in this time of sadness with heavy hearts as we reminisce about the Panini Dragon Ball Z card game after its untimely demise. Join us as we go over the history of the game from its Score days, and never forget, where there's life there's hope!

DBZ TCGCast The Meta Never Bothered Me Anyway 9-13-16

Good news everyone! Change is in the air! Not only have some new cards surfaced, but so has a list that has a some people in a tizzy. Join us as we touch on these new cards and restrictions, as the count down to awakening begins!

DBZ TCGCast #6 Thirst for Vengence

We're back for the launch of another DBZ TCG expansion!

Join us as we run down everything the new set had to offer, and give our opinions on relevant new cards that will impact the metagame going forward!

(There is also a YouTube version of this that also contains the card images on the Cubicorn Games YouTube channel)

DBZ TCGCast #5 I Choose You Broly!

Big changes are brewing! The CRD has dropped, OP events have been announced, and the first few glimpses of Set 6 have started to trickle out! In this episode we go over the changes brought about by the CRD, give the Regional schedule an over view, and review Broly's MP stack and named cards!

DBZ TCGcast #4 Cell’s on the Horizon

With less than 24 hours until the official release of Set 5, why not join us as we go through the set list for Perfection? Not only do we discuss our favorite new cards and personalities, but we also get some more insight on Power Mimic with Michigan's own Phil McGrath!

DBZ TCGcast #3 Worlds 2015

Worlds 2015 has come and gone, and we're hanging out as usual with second place finisher Phil McGrath to discuss the event, our evolving thoughts on set 4, and what 2016 may bring to the DBZ TCG.