Cubicorn Games
About Us

Cubicorn Games is an independent game studio that was founded in Michigan in 2014 by Dustin and Lorraine Morabito. We have both loved video games for as long as we can remember, and our goal is to create games that we would like to play, and make our own contribution to a medium that has enriched both of our lives.



Born and raised in Metro Detroit, Dustin developed a love of computers and games at a young age (including, but not limited to: board, video, and card games). After achieving his “lifelong” dream of being an anime card game world champion at the age of 16, Dustin started down the path to his next goal: developing video games. This would lead him to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (with a concentration in Game Design) at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where he would also meet his future business partner/wife, Lorraine.



Coming from a slightly different, but fundamentally identical area of Metro Detroit, Lorraine was introduced to the world of computers/video games alongside her sisters through her engineer of a father. Even though her path would eventually turn into the technical sciences, Lorraine has always had a passion for the arts (and/or crafts), being exposed to them by her mother and grandmother. One day in elementary school, she had a revelation: people make video games, and I like video games, so I should make video games! Years past, and she ended up going to the University of Michigan-Dearborn to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, with a concentration in Game Design, where she would go on to join the Engineering and Technical Science sorority Alpha Omega Epsilon’s Iota Chapter, and meet Dustin.