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Tanks for the Memories 8-17-22

In this episode we briefly discuss game development updates and streaming plans, then talk about indies including Phenocore, an old school FPS with modern movement abilities and Gunner, HEAT PC!, A tank combat game that blinded us with military science.

Intro/Housekeeping 0:00 - 10:27
Phenocore 10:27 - 21:41
Gunner, HEAT PC! 21:41 - 30:53
Stream Plans/Wrap Up 30:53 - End

News from Nippon 8-10-22

In this wide-ranging unscheduled episode, we convene a roundtable to discuss life in Japan in the pandemic era, theme parks around the globe, Puerto Rican statehood, anticipation for Street Fighter 6 and Evo 2022. 

Is The Owl House Anime? 8-3-22

On this episode we talk about Superspective, a 3D mind bending puzzle game and slip into a tangent about the importance of thoughtful criticism. Then we discuss The Owl House, animation and anime in general, and imagine a future where Disney is slightly less terrible.

Intro 0:00 - 5:11
Superspective/A Conversation on Criticism 5:11 - 29:51
Owl House, Animation and Franchise media 29:51-1:05:58
Wrap up/Housekeeping 1:05:58 - End

Everything Big is Bad Again 7-20-22

On our latest podcast we discuss checking out more indie demos for Super Dungeon Designer and In Sink, share some frustration about the current season of Destiny 2 and wrap things up with even more squandered potential within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Intro/World Sadness Minute 0:00 - 5:54
Super Dungeon Designer 5:54 - 29:43
In Sink 29:43 - 47:46
Future Stream Info/Destiny 2 Thoughts 47:46 - 1:10:33
MCU Is Kinda Bad/Outro 1:10:33 - End

Getting Back on Our Feet 7-6-22

After taking a bit of time to recharge in June, we're back and ready to kick off a new era at Cubicorn Games. Settle in as we discuss more updates from us, more coverage of cool indie games, and our thoughts on Stranger Things Season 4.

Intro/America Bad 0:00 - 5:16
Getting Over Covid 5:16-14:52
Cubicorn Games Updates 14:52-19:04
Passage: A Job Interview Simulator 19:04-32:02
Coverage Plans/Schedule 32:02-36:47
Stranger Things Season 4 36:47-1:09:32

Down the Drain Postmortem and GDEX Thoughts 6-14-22

After a few long hard months, our first game is finally out. Join us as we discuss the history and release of Down the Drain, and then stick around as we talk about a handful of other cool games we got to play at the show (45:44).