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Destiny 2's Filler Arc 3-15-23

On this episode we take a brief break from the world of indie games to discuss the lows, highs and many many mids of the latest expansion for Destiny 2.

Opening/Our Game Updates 0:00 - 05:37
Destiny 2 and Lightfall 05:37 - 56:16
Outro/Closing Thoughts 56:16 - End

The Clogmind Cometh 3-1-23

On this show we share some final development updates on Down the Drain, then talk about other cool indie games including the Radio the Universe demo, a beautiful trip into a pixel art post-apocalypse, and Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, a gorgeous and informative journey through an ever-shrinking ecosystem.

Opening/Our Game Updates 0:00 - 12:22
Radio the Universe 12:22 - 27:28
Gibbon: Beyond the Trees 27:28 - 41:10
Outro/Closing Chatter 41:10 - End

Blindsided to Business 2-15-23

On this show we start with updates on our own game dev progress, then discuss indie games from Steam Next Fest including Townseek and Mr. Saitou.

Opening/Our Game Updates 0:00 - 8:05
Townseek 8:05 - 22:44
Mr. Saitou 22:44 - 36:34
Destiny 2/Closing Chatter 36:34 - End

Stash Your Trash 2-1-23

On this episode we have a few updates of our own, then discuss indie games large and small, including Binky's Trash Service, Tres-Bashers and Rogue Legacy 2!

Opening/Our Game Updates 0:00 - 3:00
Binky's Trash Service 3:00 - 12:58
Tres-Bashers 12:58 - 25:29
Rogue Legacy 2 25:29 - 48:39
Closing Chatter/Wrap Up 48:39 - End

Getting Back to Basics 1-18-23

In our first episode of the year, we lay out some fresh game development goals, then chat about what kind of games we plan to check out in 2023!

Closing Out a Long, Strange Year 12-21-22

On our last show of the year, we talk about the last few indie games we streamed in 2022, including an early build of Autocards, a promising looking card-based RPG, and then check out a bunch or different projects made by two-person indie studio Arcane Circus.

Opening/Schedule Info 0:00 - 3:00
Autocards Early Build 3:00 - 18:47
Arcane Circus Games 18:47 - 30:24
Closing Chatter/Wrap Up 30:24 - End