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Talking Tears of the Kingdom 5-24-23

On this episode we have a long talk about the highs, lows and strange inconveniences in the early hours of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Opening/Our Game Updates 00:00 - 05:56
Tears of the Kingdom First Impressions 05:56 - 1:01:35
Outro/Closing Thoughts 1:01:35 - End

The Road to GDEX Begins 5-10-23

On this episode we lay out new game development plans, tentatively anticipate a Zelda crafting adventure, and get our groove on with our favorite Final Fantasy friends.

Opening/Our Game Updates 00:00 - 11:17
Tears of the Kingdom hype? 11:17 - 16:50
Theatrhythm Final Bar Line 16:50 - 32:13
Outro/Closing Thoughts -32:13 - End

That Time I Fell Down A Well and Met my New Goat Mom 4-26-23

On this show we have more updates on our indie game progress, than share our thoughts on tank battling game jam project Crab War, and the amusing demo for Untitled Bird RPG.

Opening/Our Game Updates 00:00 - 4:43
Crab War 4:43 - 24:47
Untitled Bird RPG -24:47 - 43:24
Outro/Closing Thoughts -43:24 - End

E3, We Hardly Knew Ye 4-12-23

On this short episode we have a few updates on our game development progress, then memorialize the long, strange life of the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Opening/Our Game Updates 0:00 - 11:09
E3 Is Finally Dead 11:09 - 23:39
Outro/Closing Thoughts -23:39 - End

Beta Testing the Mona Lisa 3-29-23

On this episode we share some sad news from our little corner of the indie game scene, then discuss visual novel/RPG hybrid Hearts of the Dungeon List, and spooky horror game in the making Level 0: A Backrooms Experience Demo.

Opening/Our Game Updates 0:00 - 03:24
Some Sad Indie News 03:24 - 12:40
Hearts of the Dungeon List 12:40 - 33:37
Level 0: A Backrooms Experience Demo 33:37 - 48:31
Outro/Closing Thoughts 48:31 - End

Destiny 2's Filler Arc 3-15-23

On this episode we take a brief break from the world of indie games to discuss the lows, highs and many many mids of the latest expansion for Destiny 2.

Opening/Our Game Updates 0:00 - 05:37
Destiny 2 and Lightfall 05:37 - 56:16
Outro/Closing Thoughts 56:16 - End