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Game Pass Was a Mistake 5-15-24

On this episode we have a few updates on our game dev progress, then discuss the fallout of the recent layoffs at Xbox Game Studios.

Intro/Opening 00:00 - 01:45
Cucumber Updates 01:45 - 18:45
Xbox Sadness 18:45 - 33:52
Wrap Up/Closing Thoughts 33:52 - End

A Peek Behind Too Many Games 5-1-24

On this episode we sit down with Brandon Celentano from Too Many Games to discuss his experiences working at live game events, curating indie game showcases and so much more!

Intro/Opening 00:00 - 04:12
Convention Conversation 04:12 - 45:32
Wrap Up/Closing Thoughts 45:32 - End

How to Prepare for PAX 4-17-24

On this episode join us and our special guests from Daylight Basement Studio for an in-depth conversation on the planning, logistics and execution of showing an indie game at PAX East.

Intro/Opening 00:00 - 04:12
PAX East: How to PAX Good 04:12 - 53:08
Wrap Up/Closing Thoughts 53:08 - End

Spring Forward to Summer Plans 4-3-24

On this episode, join us for a brief update on what we'll be up to game development wise for the next few months.

Intro/Opening 00:00 - 02:10
Game Dev Plans 02:10 - 08:55
Cucumber Updates 08:55 - 23:17
Wrap Up/Closing Thoughts 23:17 - End

Layoffs Will Continue Until Morale Improves 3-6-24

As we recover from a few weeks of light illness, we squeeze in a recording to provide a few game dev updates and discuss the latest bout of brutal industry layoffs.

Intro/Opening 00:00 - 02:37
Cucumber Updates 02:37 - 12:43
More Industry Layoffs 12:43 - 27:04
Card Game Chatter/Closing Thoughts 27:04 - End

Awesome Con and Beyond? 2-21-24

On this relatively brief episode, join us as we provide development updates on Super Cucumber, then lay out some tentative plans to attend a few game events later this year.

Intro/Opening/ 00:00 - 02:13
Cucumber Updates 02:13 - 18:37
Outro/Closing Thoughts 18:37 - End