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Down the Drain Postmortem and GDEX Thoughts 6-14-22

After a few long hard months, our first game is finally out. Join us as we discuss the history and release of Down the Drain, and then stick around as we talk about a handful of other cool games we got to play at the show (45:44).

Our Games are Finally Coming! 4-27-22

After sidestepping an anime-related false start, join us as we talk about some concrete plans to release the games we've been working on for ages (1:45), a discussion about Tunic and other game stuff (25:00) and a whole lot of talk about future Destiny 2 changes (1:13:30).

Are you a good Witch, or a bad Witch? 3-22-22

Join us for our first local recording in quite some time as we dive into an incredibly long discuss about the story, gameplay and other mechanical updates introduced in Destiny 2 with the launch of the Witch Queen expansion. Also, happy birthday Lorraine!

Arts and Witch-Crafts 2-4-22

As new Destiny content looms and big industry news keeps on dropping, join us as we briefly drink Mark Zuckerberg's delicious tears, discuss the implications of Sony's acquisition of Bungie, and talk about a ton of changes that are coming to Destiny 2 in just a few weeks!  

Analyzing Activision's Antagonistic Acquisition 1-19-22

We head to the news desk to record a spur of the moment episode about Microsoft's surprise purchase of Activision, what a bad idea that is, and how it might shape the future of games for years to come.

Out With the Old, In With 2022 12-31-21

As another complicated year comes to a close, join us for a brief discussion on the year that was, projects we got done in 2021, and things we hope to achieve in the year to come.